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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

A favourable debilitated Ketu in fourth house of a horoscope can bless the native with very good psychic abilities and spiritual interests and accordingly the natives under the influence of such a favourable ketu can be seen advancing and practicing in various kinds of spiritual and paranormal practices and they can become successful as astrologers,psychics,spiritual healers,spiritual mediums,spiritual gurus,religious heads,black magicians, tantriks etc.Such a favourable debilitated Ketu in fourth house can also bless the native with a life of luxuries and comforts and it can also give a position of authority,name and fame to the natives.While the natives with unfavourable influence of debilitated Ketu in fourth house are prone to suffer from physical injuries through accidents,health related issues which may involve some serious diseases,loss of valuables through theft and many other kinds of problems.An unfavourable debilitated Ketu in fourth house of a horoscope can also trouble the native on account of court cases and litigations particularly the ones which are related to residential house or houses of the native and some natives under such an unfavourable influence may have to change their place of residence many a times in their lives on account of one problem or the other.

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