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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

A favourable debilitated Ketu in first house of the horoscope blesses the native with a charismatic personality and they are good at attracting and influencing people around them and they use this quality to achieve success in their professional as well as personal life.Natives under the influence of this favourable ketu possess qualities like bravery,courage and aggression and accordingly they are seen successful in professional fields which require the use of these qualities like police force,politics,administrative services and many other professions which can give a position of power and authority to the native.A favourable debilitated Ketu in first house of a horoscope generally gives a very good power of intuition to the natives.While an unfavourable debilitated ketu in first house gives a strong tendency to the native who mistrusts and doubt everyone around them and such natives are generally very quick at blaming and accusing other people which may include even the closest people around them and due to this reason such natives are not able to hold on to most of their relations for a long time.An unfavourable debilitated Ketu in the first house can make the native very rude ,arrogant and aggressive.Such a influence of debilitated Ketu in first house of a horoscope can give very bad results regarding the married life of the native and some natives under unfavourable influence of this placement may have to face serious issues in their marriage and they also have to go through one or more than one broken marriage.Also such an unfavourable influence gives health problems to the natives.

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