A favourable debilitated Ketu in 12th house of a horoscope can take the native to foreign lands on the basis of profession or marriage and accordingly some natives under the influence of this favourable placement are seen going to foreign countries and settling their permanently on the basis of their professions or marriage.Favourable debilitated Ketu in12th house of a horoscope can also give very good spiritual progress to the native and accordingly some natives are able to achieve great heights in the world of spiritualism and paranormal.While an unfavourable debilitated Ketu in 12th house of a horoscope can trouble the native on account of serious problems related to marriage and married life which may be due to lack of physical compatibility between husband and wife,serious arguments,long separations, divorce or divorces and possible death of husband or wife.Natives with unfavourable ketu in 12th house may have to face serious financial crisis many a times in their lives due to excessive and unwanted expenditure.

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