A favourable debilitated Ketu in 11th house of a horoscope can bless the native with a financially secure life and accordingly many natives under the  influence of this favourable placement are seen living without any major financial problems throughout their lives.A favourable debilitated ketu in 11th house can also give great wealth,name and fame to the native and accordingly such natives can make fortunes of wealth and status in their lifetimes and some of these natives can get a position of power and authority in some government or private organization.While an unfavourable debilitated Ketu in 11th house of a horoscope can give very bad results regarding the married life of the native and accordingly the natives are likely to face many kinds of problems in their married lives.An unfavourable debilitated Ketu in 11th house of a horoscope can also trouble the native on account of financial problems,unstable professional sphere,setbacks, delays and losses in profession.Some natives suffering from this unfavourable placement of debilitated Ketu in 11th house may have to face issues related to child birth whereas some other natives may have to face issue related to infidelity of their husband or wife and may have to raise a child who is not their own child and who has been produced due to extra marital relations.

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