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Updated: Dec 23, 2021

CHANDRA MANGAL YOGA Chandra Mangala Yoga is said to occur when Mars is in conjunction or is in an opposition position with the planet Moon; or when Mars is placed at the seventh house; this planetary combination leads to the formation of Chandra Mangala Yoga in a Rashi. The presence of this Yoga in a person’s Rashi results in making the native a rich, affluent and reputed person with lot of prosperity and land properties at the native’s name. This is because this Yoga brings in the qualities of a good business mind to its native. In case of a male being a native of this Yoga, women becomes the source of his prosperity. However, the Yoga also brings the traits of restiveness, agitation and uneasiness in the person’s life. Problems in relationship with the mother are also the part of the effects of Chandra Mangala Yoga in a person’s Rashi.

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