career in astrology or selection of career through astrology

Careers by planet

Sun authority, politicians, scientists, leaders, directors, government employees, doctors, jewelers

Moon nursing, the public, women, children, travelling, marine, cooks, restaurants, import/export.

Mars fire, energy, metals, initiative, weapons, construction, soldiers, police, surgeons, engineers.

Mercury intellect, writing, teaching, merchandise, clerks, accountants, editors, transport, astrologers.

Jupiter finance, law, treasury, scholars, priests, politicians, advertising, psychologist, humanitarian.

Venus pleasures, luxuries, beauty, art, music, entertainment industry, sex industry, hotels.

Saturn the aged, death, real estate, labour, agriculture, building trades, mining, monk.

Rahu researchers, engineers, physicians, medicine/drugs, speculators, aviation, electricity, waste.

Ketu idealism, enlightenment, religion, secret affairs, poisons, metaphysics.

Uranus scientists, inventors, computing, astrologers, lab technicians, electronics.

Neptune photographers, movies, marine, oil, pharmaceutical, psychics, poets.

Pluto research, investigators, insurance, death, longevity-related technology, espionage.

Careers by sign

Aries army and police, surgeon, mechanics, iron and steel, firefighting, industrialists, athletes.

Taurus luxury goods, jewelry, cosmetics, music, actors, banking, tailors, fashion, property.

Gemini media and journalism, accountants, representatives, translators, writers.

Cancer naval and marine, fishing, nursing, interior design, food, petroleum, historians.

Leo government jobs, politics, religion, investing, diplomacy.

Virgo computing, astrology, accounting, media, doctors, healing.

Libra judges, artists, cosmetics, fashion, receptionists, advertising, interior decorating, prostitutes.

Scorpio chemicals, drugs, liquids, insurance, doctors, nurses, police, occult.

Sagittarius law, religion, banking and finance, entrepreneurs, athletes, clothing and shoes.

Capricorn raw material extraction and processing such as lumber and mining

Aquarius advisors, consultants, philosophers, astrologers, engineers, computing

Pisces doctors, marine related, chemicals, oil, painters, hospital, prisons.

Careers by house

First self-employment, politics or the public at large, the body (e.g. health club)

Second banking, investments, accountants, restaurants, teaching, consultants, psychologists, writing

Third communication, arts, sales, advertising, computing, writing, publishing

Fourth agriculture, building trades, real estate, vehicles, water, geology and mining

Fifth politics, stockbrokers, religious rituals, entertainment, authorship

Sixth lawyers, military, police, labour, health related professions, food, waiters.

Seventh business, trade, merchant, females, foreign business.

Eighth insurance, research, death-related, metaphysics (e.g. astrology), sex industry.

Ninth law, university teaching, travel, religious professions, foreign countries.

Tenth government jobs, dealing with public and the masses, managers, politics.

Eleventh trade and business, accountants, financial institutions, group work.

Twelfth foreign, jobs requiring secrecy, travels, hospitals, prisons, charities, advocacy.

competitive exams astrology :

Sixth house must be strong in the horoscope for the native to be successful in any competitive examination. The relationship of sixth and tenth house is very necessary for success in competitive examination. Success of a person in administrative job depends upon the strong placement of these houses, houses lord and their reciprocal relationship.

If the Dasha of the lord of Ascendant, six, ninth or tenth house is going on then the native can be success in competitive exam

If period or sub period lord are transiting with tenth, sixth house or aspect in this house then result will come positive. If your dasha is favorable and transits are not favorable then result will not come positive so both dasha and transits are most important for success in competitive exam.

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