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Business Astrology

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Selection of a business is a very important decision of life. There are many astrological factors which need to be considered. Astrological readings can also suggest whether you can enjoy smooth success in your business ventures.

7th house represents the business, partnership and journey in all horoscope and these all are very necessary for every businessman due to this reason this house is the most auspicious house for any businessman.

The 11th house is an important house for every businessman because this house represents gains from all sources. The benefice planets and business related house lord influence on the 11th denote gains in business and other related activities.

Mercury is the key planet which signifies business. If exalted Mercury placed in the 7th, 2nd, 11th or 10th house and connected with the lord of 10th, 9th or 2nd house in the Birth Chart then the person will be inclined towards business. Mercury is able to make heavy profits by making investment or trading in shares

If Mercury in join with Moon and aspects the 2nd house or lord of the 2nd house and also forms a connection with career or fortune house/lord then the native does a good business

In addition to the above the planets placed in the 7th house give some revelation about the state of one’s business as follows:

Sun placed favorably in the 7th house tends to give stability in business.

Moon here may show ups and downs or changes in one’s business pursuits.

Mars here generally gives instability and loss through impulsive wrong decisions.

Mercury placed in this house is conducive to profit and progress in business.

Jupiter helps the native greatly, but only if he or she uses fair means of working and dealing.

Venus placed here is also conducive to luck, prosperity and good reputation.

Saturn here is never good for any type of business.

A strong Sun indicates

Government related business, export and import, gold business, power and energy businesses, business from plants, any business related to clothes, medicine and food grains and all businesses, which give status and fame.

A strong MOON indicates

Businesses related to milk, hot & soft drink. Business related to water, silver, Business related to tours and travels, readymade garments, farming, nursery, toys, seasonal business, transport, salt, silk, polyester clothes, all type of designing field, writing, art, education related to children and doctors.

A strong MARS indicates

Business related to hard work, all type of machinery, electrics and electronics, business related, gold, chemical, farming, fertilizer and pesticide, defense, surgery, vehicles, spare parts, business related to maintaining all types of equipment, sports equipment, business related to all type of adventurous work, business related to fuel and mines.

A strong MERCURY indicates

Business related to consulting, and all the business related to education, media and Film Industry. Business related to advertisement, transport, Publisher, Book Seller. Business related to silver, all types of grains, vegetable & fruits. Business related to stocks, commodity. Business related to finance and law. Business related to telephonic works, call centers. Business related to public relation. Business related to paper.

A strong JUPITER indicates

Business related to religious rituals, religious products and work where you will have many followers, Business related to hotels and restaurant, Motels, Business related to education and NGO, Business related to all type of food products, Business related to milk products, oil, Business related to Chartered Accountancy, Banking, Business related to publishing and Offset work.

A strong VENUS indicates

Business related to luxury and luxury items, Business related to film, acting, Drama, Story writing, director, choreographer, Business related to all type of latest electronic gazettes, medicines, Public relationship, politics, Hotels, Restaurant, Motels, Business related to Painting, Music, Dance, Poetry, and cultural activities, Business related to event management, Fashion, Business related to beauty product, Business related to Jewellery, decoration, interior designing, architecture, Readymade Garments and Branded Clothes.

A strong SATURN indicates

Business related to all types of metals, manufacturing, Job Work, Sub Contractor, Laborer, Architectural, Civil Work, Constructional Work, building materials, plumbing, Business related to all types of labor works, Justice, Cements, Mines, Coals, Archeology, Research Work, Finance, Economics, Whole seller, Malls & Super Markets, Provision Store, Grass, Farming, Land Developing, Banking, Packaging, Carpenter, Shoe Cobbler, Business related to elementary knowledge, Oil, petrol, Gasoline, Crude Oil, Civil, Mechanical Work, Chartered Accountant, Commerce Field, Shares, Stock and Commodity.

A strong RAHU indicates

Business related to automobiles, Engineering, Technical Works, Poisonous drugs, pesticides, Fertilizers, Anesthesia, Chemical, Antibiotics, Pharmacy, Pathology, Lab Technician, Liquor, anti-social works, Fraudulent works, Occult, Mines, Smuggling, Luxurious things, Gambling, Speculations, lottery, Foreign Languages, Export & Imports.

A strong KETU indicates

Business related to all type of seasonal works, Multi businesses, Religious things, Gas, Fire, All type of metal works, Process work, cattle breeding , Farming, Pets, Drugs and equipments, Gym, All the things related to forest, Chemical, Spiritual Works, Things which have strong fragrance, Doctors, Computer, Multi manufacturing, Whole seller, Astrology, Spiritual Field other than education, sports goods, transport, heavy vehicles.

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