Sutras 103-110-If the Sun is in the 12th house, the native will suffer from appendicitis in the 36th year of his life. He will waste his money on undesirable purposes, he will be sinful and will incur loss of wealth. He will be accused of killing a cow and will live away from his native land. If the Sun is associated with strong and auspicious planet or planets the native will enjoy blessings of God. He will also enjoy bed comforts (sexual pleasures). If the Sun is in conjunction with malefics the native will incur wasteful expenditure and will be deprived of bed comforts. If the Sun is associated with the lord of the sixth house the native will suffer from leprosy but he will recover from this disease if a benefic aspects the Sun. The presence of the Sun in the 12th also will make the native sinful and there will be aggravation of the diseases he suffers from.

Comments-The 12th is a house of loss in all respects. It. Is also a dusthana. The important significations of this house may be seen in Part I-Chapter II. When the 12th house is occupied by a malefic planet, the significations of the house play their full role. The Sun in the 12th will give only unfavourable results described above. The results will not be so unfavourable if there is a benefic planet in the 12th but whether the planet is a benefic or a malefic, the significations of the house he owns will also suffer badly. If, however, The Sun be in his own sign Leo in the 12th, the results will be good and beneficial to the native. This disposition will give rise to ‘Vipreet Rajayoga’.

Other Views

Brihat Jataka-The person will suffer degradation.

Phaldeepika-The native will be inimical towards his father. He will suffer from eye troubles. He will be without wealth and childless.

Saravali-The native will have a lean body. He will be one eyed, sinful, childless, inimical to his father, powerless and mean.

Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will suffer from eye troubles. He will be victorious in the battlefield. He will live at only one place to earn his livelihood. He will gain wealth during journeys.

Note-All the authorities except Chamatkar Chintamani agree with the views of Bhrigu Sutras that inauspicious results follow from the placement of the Sun in 12th house according to significations of this house. They have not given the effects of the benefic influences on the Sun, as described in Bhrigu Sutras.

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