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Updated: Dec 18, 2018

1. The Sage said. O Brahmin! Gandanta is of three kinds, namely of Tithi, Nakshatra and Lagna. Birth, travelling and performance of auspicious functions, like marriage etc., during Gandanta are likely to cause death of the person concerned. 2. O Maitreya! The last 2 Ghatikas of Purna Tithi (5th, 10th, 15th) and the first 2 Ghatikas of Nanda Tithi (1st, 6th, 11th) are known, as Tithi Gandanta. 3. Similarly the last two Ghatikas of Revati and first two Ghatikas of Ashvini, the last two Ghatikas of Aslesha and first two Ghatikas of Magha and the last two Ghatikas of Jyeshtha and first two Ghatikas of Mula are known, as Nakshatra Gandanta. 4. The last half Ghatika of Pisces and first half Ghatika of Aries, the last half Ghatika of Cancer and first half Ghatika of Leo, the last half Ghatika of Scorpio and first half Ghatika of Sagittarius are known, as Lagna Gandanta. 5. Amongst these Gandantas the last 6 Ghatikas of Jyeshtha and first 8 Ghatikas of Mula are known, as Abhukta Mula. 6-8. Now I will tell you the remedial measures to be adopted to release the child, born during Gandanta, from its evil effects. The father should see the child born only on the morning next to the end of the days of Sutaka, or on any auspicious day after the performance of the remedial measures. The remedial measures are giving a bullock in charity in the case of Tithi Gandanta, giving a cow with calf in charity in the case of Nakshatra Gandanta, giving gold in charity in the case of Lagna Gandanta, performing Abhisheka of the child along with father, if the birth is in the first part of Gandanta and along with mother, if the birth is in the second part of Gandanta. 9-11. Performance of Puja on the holy Kalash of the idol of the deities of Tithi (in case of Tithi Gandanta), Nakshatra (in case of Nakshatra Gandanta) and Lagna (in case of Lagna Gandanta), made of 16 Masas, 8 Masas, or 4 Masas of gold, as may be possible, followed by Havan and Abhisheka, according to procedure already described earlier. At the end as many Brahmins, as may be possible within ones means, should be fed. These remedial measures will ensure long life, good health and prosperity for the child.

so above b.p.h.s. remedies for birth in gandanta. Notes. Unless one is himself fully conversant with the performance of religious rites, the remedies, recommended in this chapter, earlier and later chapters, should be got performed by and under the directions of a learned priest, because the full effects will be derived, if the rites are performed correctly and according to the procedure, prescribed in the religious scriptures on this subject.

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