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Updated: Aug 18, 2020


Male natives:

  1. Physical features: It has been noticed that various natives of Ardra have different body structures, right from the slim and short to fat and lengthy one. 2. Character and general events: He undertakes any work entrusted to him in a responsible manner. In the public meetings he creates an atmosphere of humor and keeps everybody attracted to him. He has an intuitive perception. He is a good psychologist. His dealings with his friends and relatives will be very much cordial in nature. In some cases it is also noticed that the native is thankless to the people who have helped him. He does not have a constant type of behavior. 3. Education, sources of earning/profession: He has the capacity to acquire and retain knowledge on almost all the subjects. However, in spite of these good qualities he cannot attain much fame or reward out of such knowledge. Since he is oversincere in his work and towards the people, even the slightest problem confronted will land him into maximum mental agony. However, even during the time of extreme hardships in both financial and mental spheres he can keep a cool head and behave in the most respectable and attractive manner. Because of this quality he easily wins the hearts of all. He will not stick to only one line of work rather he likes handling many tasks at a time. Even when he knows that the line of action or thought which he adheres to is the correct approach but others do not approve of it he will not hesitate to subdue and respect others. In case he undertakes research work on any particular line he can shine well. In the business field also he can attain much success. It has been noticed that most of the selfless social workers are born in this Nakshatra. He has the capacity to undertake a number of jobs at a time and complete perfection in all the fields can also be obtained. In case he travels for a specific job, he will take care of other related works which can be carried out simultaneously. Normally, the native earns his livelihood away from his home and family. In other words he is settled in foreign places. Period between 32 years and 42 years of age will be the golden period for him. He may be employed in transport, shipping, communication departments or industries. He may also earn as a bookseller or finance broker. 4. Family life: His marriage will be delayed. In case marriage takes place early he will be compelled to live separately from the family either due to difference in opinion between the couple or due to other circumstances beyond his control. He will have to face several inherent problems of life but he will not reflect his problems socially. When marriage takes place at a late stage his married life will be good. His spouse will exercise full control over him. 5. Health: He may have some diseases, which may be sometimes incurable. For example, paralysis, heart trouble and dental problems may bother him. He is also prone to Asthma, eosonophilia, dry cough, and ear trouble. Female natives: 1.Physical features: She has a beautiful body with charming eyes and a prominent nose. 2. Character and general events: She is well behaved and peaceful in mind. She is extravagant. She has a good intelligence, is helpful to others but clever in finding fault in others. In some female horoscope, possibility of having two mothers or two fathers has been noticed. 3.Education, sources of earning/profession: She can attain a good amount of distinction in the educational or scientific field. Mostly Aridra born specializes in Electronic items or drugs and pharmaceuticals. She also earns out of various consultation works. 4.Family life: Similar to her male folks she also marries at a late stage. But she does not enjoy the requisite love and affection either from her husband or her husband’s family. Her married life will be full of thorns. Even children cannot give her the required happiness. In some cases it has been noticed that either death of the husband or divorce takes place. 5.Health: She is prone to menstrual troubles, asthma, spoiled blood, lack of blood or uterus trouble, ear trouble, mumps, bilious and phlegmatic problems. In Mithun from after 6:40 to 20:. The presiding deity the Rudra, the wielder of the trident. Symbol- a tear-drop. The lord of Ardra is Budha, when Surya enters Ardra the earth is said to be starting its menstrual course, that is Ambobachi. Ardra means wet or surcharged with water, that is fat. Because the earth is running her menstrual course there are tear drops falling one after another. From Rudra comes all suffering, persecutions and oppressions, anger, ferocity of countenance or hideousness of noise. Rudra is another name of Shiva.

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