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Updated: Dec 23, 2021

ANAPHA YOGA Anapha Yoga is said to occur when any planet other than Sun, Rahu or Ketu is placed in the twelfth House from the Moon, Anapha Yoga occurs in a person’s Rashi. Anapha Yoga is considered to be related to giving. Thus the natives of Anapha Yoga become generous and have more expenditure. The effect of the Anapha Yoga makes a person king, generous, honest, renowned, charismatic, gracious, someone with high self-respect, good status, sense for happiness and love for dresses. Such a person will not have many diseases and will live a healthy life. Later in the life, the person develops the attributes of abandonment, seriousness and soberness in his nature. In case of Mars being the planet occupying the twelfth House from the Moon, the native of the Anapha Yoga becomes authoritative, dominant, powerful, self-controlled and at the same time chief of the persons betrothed in objectionable actions. Mercury at the position makes a person good public speaker, gifted in making conversations and accomplished in social skills. Jupiter at the position makes the native of the Anapha Yoga a stern minded, charitable, honest and virtuous. Venus placed at the position results in making the native of Anapha Yoga a respectable person, charmer of women, treacherous and sweet-tongued. The person will be like a king with enormous wealth, cattle and material things. Saturn residing in the position results in making a person bitter, dissatisfied and there is also contrariness in the nature. Moon placed at the position results in making the native of the Anapha Yoga a high self respect person with good mannerisms, traits and with well formed organs.

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