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Addiction Problem in Astrology

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Role of vedic astrology is very vital in pre-identification of such combination and placement of planets in a horoscope. The appropriate application of vedic astrology principles can clearly indicate, if a person may become pray to drug abuse in his life.

The second house of the horoscope is related with mouth and eating habits, besides many other things. The weakness of the second house lord and affliction over second house may result in intake of alcohol, smoking and other drugs. The influence of malefic and cruel Rahu, Mars and Saturn can deteriorate the habit significantly.

The sixth house of the horoscope is primarily related with the health of a person. Impact of malefic planets over sixth house and its lord may sabotage the health of the native. And, if Moon also becomes weak and afflicted along with troubled second house – the chances of a person being addicted to drug becomes more prominent.

As per vedic astrology readings, the planets Rahu, Mars and Saturn are the real culprits in regard to the problem of drug abuse.

Venus rules sex, drugs and alcohol. If Venus is disturbed, He can over-do the natural pleasures which can result in sex addictions, drug addictions, and alcoholism

Venus Conjunct Rahu or Ketu = addictive tendencies. Native has a powerful sense of entitlement to pleasure and a love of extremes. Addictive substances include beautiful women, precious wines, magnificent diamonds etc.

Role of Jupiter: As a planet of divine grace and morals, the strength and nature of Jupiter in a horoscope plays a very vital role in vedic astrology solutions for drug abuse. A strong and positively placed Jupiter can dilute the negative influences of malefic and cruel planets over first, second and sixth houses. And, the native may get reasonable and fruitful help for drug addiction treatment.

Afflicted or badly placed Mercury– Induces a thought process that often leads to a craving .

Indications of Alcohol addiction in birth chart:

The association of the 5th house with 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th along with Saturn, Venus, and Mars can cause excessive drinking and become alcoholic.

Saturn falling in its own Nakshatras viz. Pushya, Anuradha or Uttra-bhadrapad is not as bad as when falling in the Nakshatras of the Sun (Kritika, Uttra-phalguni, Uttra-ashadha) or the Nakshatras of Mars (Mrigshira, Chitra, Dhanishtha)

When Saturn falls in the signs of its enemies viz. the Sun, Moon, and Mars

Saturn falling in the Nakshatras of Jupiter or Venus prevents one from forming a habit of drinking alcoholic drinks.

Placement of Saturn in the Nakshatras of Mars can surely lead one to cravings for alcoholic drinks

Mars is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house also can give cravings for alcoholic drinks or other intoxicating substances.

Troubling Venus or Saturn in the 3rd or 8th house in Scorpio sign can cause addiction

If in a birth chart the Moon as Karaka (significator) of the mind is debilitated and afflicted due to Rahu, Saturn and Mars then chances of drug misuse and addiction are there.

Weak ascendant lord under afflictions of Rahu can lead one to substance misuse and addiction.

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