Male Natives

Physical features: abhijit nakshatra native has a medium height and a well proportioned body. He has a magnanimous personality with a shining countenance and a graceful expression. He also has sharp penetrating looks.Character and general events: The native born in abhijit nakshatra will be respected by the learned and respected class. His behavior is extremely courteous. He will be famous in one or the other field. He is god fearing and religious. He is soft spoken. He displays inherent optimism and ambition. The tendency for occult study is noted in the native born in abhijit nakshatra .Education, sources of income/profession: native born in abhijit nakshatra will be the most learned, highly placed and the most famous man in his family. abhijit nakshatra native will be engaged in a profession where much power and authority vests .Family life: More than one wife is indicated for the native born under abhijit nakshatra. Marriage comes to him around 23 years of age. He fathers many children as the family planning norms are not for him. Up to an age of 27 years abhijit nakshatra native faces severe financial problems. Thereafter, there will not be a single occasion when he will fall short of money. There may be a loss of children, one or two, when they will be in their twenties. The children who survive will lead a comfortable life. However, abhijit nakshatra native will prefer to live with the eldest one .Health: Health will be poor during childhood. Parents of the native of abhijit nakshatra will have to spend several anxious moments due to the poor health condition of the native. However, his health will improve after he turns 20. He may suffer from piles and jaundice. There is a danger or a grave risk to his life when he is 19 or 20 years of age. If he can cut through that period, there will not be any serious health problems.

Female Natives

Physical features: female born in abhijit nakshatra will have a slim body with a long face, long and double chin, and large feet. She will be quite fat up to an age of 16.Character and general events: Subject to crossing the age of 18, a sudden unexpected positive event will take place. She will then be a matured lady, who has thoroughly learned value of life after a severe jolt. On work front her presence can be felt everywhere. Her capacity to handle several tasks at a time is excellent. Thus, she has an excellent executive talent. For her, she is the employee, she is the master and she is the owner, i.e., she does not believe in distinction between the employer and employee. She will easily mingle with her employees or subordinates. She will earn considerable wealth owing to her own efforts .Education, sources of income/profession: Since she is optimistic and ambitious, she will make her own career. Business seems to be the preference of the native rather than an employed career .Family life: Since she hates the men folk mainly due to an unforgettable sexual assault on her at a very young age-on or about her 12 to 14 years of age-she may not be inclined to marry initially. However, marriage may take place between 27-30 years of age. Her marital life will be good and she will be blessed with good children .Health: Her health will be very bad during childhood. She may suffer from whooping cough, rheumatism, arthritis or skin diseases. Her 15th year will be the most troublesome period. Parents are advised not to scold the native. On the other hand, keep a secret eye on the native and try to make her understand about her drawbacks, but with love and affection. If she survives beyond the age of 18 years there is nothing to worry as thereafter, she will remain at a top position

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